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Why Is My Oil Pressure Warning Light On?

From speed, temperature, mileage, check engine lights, your dashboard is the ultimate source when it comes to providing you with helpful information about your vehicle. In fact, your vehicle has many dashboard warnings outside of the check engine. One particular one is the low oil pressure light, which is red and in the shape of an oil can.


Most drivers confuse this light with the oil change reminder because of its nature at a glance. However, these are two different things. The dashboard oil light only comes on when your engine suffers a significant drop in oil pressure. Without enough pressure, the engine is not adequately lubricated. In severe cases, your engine can stop abruptly and put you at risk of an accident.


This warning light is not one you should take lightly. As soon as you catch this on your dashboard, you should pull over and turn off the engine immediately to avoid further damages. Once your car has time to cool down a bit, you should check your oil using the dipstick. In addition, you should check for signs of a leak. If your oil levels are sufficient, your oil pump is likely impaired.


Regardless of the problem, continuing to run without a properly lubricated engine can be detrimental. It would be best for you to call for a tow to the auto repair shop. We can give you the necessary repairs at Crompton's Auto Care and reset your oil light. Whether you need fresh, clean oil, oil pump repairs, or a new sensor, we can do it all.


For all your oil and automotive needs in Aldergrove, BC, please bring your vehicle to the auto experts at Crompton's Auto Care.


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