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Customer Reminder Program

Customer Reminder Program | Crompton's Auto Care

Reminders tailored specifically to your needs

We’ll send you reminders when your vehicle needs maintenance— when you receive one, give us a call to review maintenance that may be needed.

Here are some examples of specific reminders you may receive:

Reminders of Scheduled Oil Change
You’ll receive a mailer customized specifically to your specific driving habits the type of oil you prefer. We recommend that regular oil be changed 5,000 km full synthetic oil should be changed every 8,000 km. Though many manufacturers have begun extending the recommended oil change intervals, we know that the best way to maintain your vehicle is with more frequent oil changes.

Reminders of Upcoming Scheduled Maintenance
Each vehicle has a unique schedule for maintenance that should be followed. We’ll remind you of each major interval for your vehicle. When you receive our reminder, just give us a call and we’ll discuss services that MAY need to be performed. Together, we’ll determine what should be done and set an appointment.

Reminders of Technician Recommended Service
It’s ok when you choose not to do all recommended services. Our system saves the recommendations so that we can remind you to take care of your vehicle when it’s convenient for you.


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