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Timing Belt Replacement Service in the Aldergrove, Langley & Abbotsford Area

Timing Belt Replacement Service | Crompton's Auto CareReplacing your timing belt isn’t just a good idea – it’s crucial for the safety and reliability of your engine.

The professional auto mechanics at Crompton’s Auto Care understands the vital importance of timing belt replacement. Failing to replace your timing belt as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer can lead to costly engine repairs and complete engine failure.

The timing belt in your car or truck’s engine is a critical component that works in rhythm with the crankshaft and camshaft to open and close the exhaust valves. These valves must open and close precisely at the right timing in order for the engine to run properly.

The timing belt is made out of rubber and is subject to wear and tear due to mechanical and environmental conditions. The environment of the engine is quite hostile: temperatures under the hood in excess of 500 degrees; the presence of corrosive fluids such as oil, hydraulic fluids and battery acid; and mechanical hazards in the form of metal and hard plastics — all these factors make the path the timing belt must travel perilous to say the least. It is extremely important to periodically check the wear of such an important and vulnerable part of your automobile and have it replaced at regularly scheduled intervals, as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Having your timing belt replaced regularly will help prevent the belt from breaking and causing severe damage and even failure of your engine and/or its components. If your vehicle driving conditions are mainly in dusty, dirty areas and include extended idling and/or stop and go driving, the timing belt should be replaced based on time since the belt is spinning and wearing but no miles are being added.

If you don’t have your timing belt replaced at regular intervals as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer, you may experience:

  • Timing belt breakage and failure without warning
  • Sudden engine shutdown
  • Serious to catastrophic damage to pistons and valves
  • Complete engine failure

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