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Expert Fluid Services in Aldergrove

Fluid Flushes in Aldergrove | Crompton's Auto Care Oil changes are not the only fluid services your vehicle needs.

You know that you need to bring your vehicle in every 3 months or 5,000 km to get your oil change. But do you know when you need to bring it in for a transmission fluid change, brake fluid change, cooling system flush or power steering fluid flush?

Brake Fluid Flush - Every 2 Years / 40,000 Km
Your vehicle’s brake fluid system is designed to transfer the pressure at the brake pedal to hydraulic pressure, which is used to compress the brake components.
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Cooling System Fluid Flush - Every 5 years, 100,000 KM
Your vehicle’s cooling system is designed to cool internal engine components, prevent engine coolant freeze, lubricate water pump seals and bearings, and prevent internal engine corrosion.
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Power Steering Fluid Flush - Every 50,000 Km / 100,000 Synthetic
Your vehicle’s power steering system fluids are used to lubricate, cool and protect the parts they surround.
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Transmission Fluid Flush - Every 2 years or 50,000 km
Your vehicle’s automatic transmission system is designed to transfer power from the engine to the wheels at a consistent level. Transmission fluid is subject to tremendous amounts of heat and wear and it fails over time as the viscosity changes.
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Oil is not the only fluid your vehicle needs to keep it running safely and reliably!

Engine oil Flush - Every 5,000 Km, 8,000 Km Synthetic

Transmission Fluid Flush - Every 50,000 KM standard fluid / 75,000 KM Synthetic

Differential Fluid Flush - Every 50,000 Km / 75,000 km Synthetic

Transfer Case Fluid Flush - Every 50,000 Km / 75,000 km Synthetic

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