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When Should I Change My Brake Pads?

As many of you all know already, your vehicle’s braking system is the top safety feature in your vehicle. When you ease your foot on the pedal, you expect your brakes to respond smoothly, quickly, and effectively. But, that feeling doesn’t last forever, and the number one brake component that requires replacing is the brake pads. 


When brake pads wear out, braking can be dicey. That is why proper brake maintenance and regular inspections can allow us to prevent accidents and injuries from happening to you. The team at Crompton’s Auto Care is committed to keeping your brake pads in inadequate condition. 


Besides measuring the wear on the brake pads themselves, you can look for the five common signs of worn brake pads:

Spongy Brakes

A common sign of worn brake pads is a squishy pedal. If you need to apply more pressure to stop the pedals, your brakes need service soon. A spongy brake pedal is considered abnormal. 

Burning Smell

When you have poor braking habits, your brake components wear faster. And they are at a higher risk of overheating. That is why your brakes can emit a burning smell when your brakes have overheated. In this situation, you’d have to replace your brakes.

Vibrating Pedal

The brake pads and rotors work together. If the brake pedal is pulsating, it can indicate a problem with either or. While a vibrating pedal can be distracting, it's a symptom that should be corrected before the drive becomes dangerous.

Squealing Sound

If your brakes make a loud screeching/squealing noise whenever you brake, it can be aggravating and catch you off guard. This special sound is intended to alert you when the brake pads have worn too thin. You should have the brake pads changed ASAP. 

Slower Response Time

Worn brake pads can’t provide a sufficient amount of friction to slow down a vehicle quickly as they used to. As a result, it may take a longer time to slow or stop your vehicle.


Having your brake pads regularly inspected can make a world of difference in safer and more effective braking. If you don’t want to compromise your or your loved one’s safety on the road, please give us a call or visit Crompton’s Auto Care today.

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