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Time to Make New Year Resolutions for Your Car

It's that time of year again where we celebrate everything we achieved from the current year and let go of everything else we couldn't complete to make way for the new year. There is always another year ahead to finish up past resolutions if we choose to, anyhow ! The beginning of a new year brings with it new starts, a possible new outlook on life and, of course, a whole ton of new years' resolutions for everyone. 

But, if you're one of those people who have based previous resolutions on themselves: their health, their careers, their relationships, make this year's resolution slightly different. Put more focus on your car instead of yourself, after all it's your primary mode of transportation. Without it you would be getting nowhere on time. So, give it the attention it so desperately deserves, but oftentimes lacks.

There are several points you can list on your car's new years resolution to show it some love and appreciation - because after all the long-haul trips you've forced it on, without much care it won't be long before your car ditches you. Ensuring proper maintenance is performed is the first step towards securing more happy moments on the road for years to come. So, let's get to it.

1. Oil: check when you last changed your oil, or have a qualified mechanic check for you. If you haven't changed it in awhile or you've taken lots of long trips in the past year it might be time to change it before the old charred oil starts hindering your car's performance.

2. Brakes: checking brakes should be on top of the list since without proper brake function you'll be in deep trouble.

3. Tires: You want to make sure your car's tires are inflated with just the right amount of air; not too little or you'll get a flat tire or too much or else the tire will eventually burst. Getting a tire gauge will help determine how much compressed air you have in each wheel. Also, choosing to change your all-season tires to winter tires during these times gives you a safer ride with less risk of slip-and-slide.

These are just three of the things we can list for our car's new years resolution. Most we can do ourselves if we know how, but for some you may need a professional to help you out. Although you mustn't neglect your car, don't get too caught up in maintaining it either - it's the holidays after all, enjoy this time with friends and family.

Happy Holidays from the team at Cromton's Auto Care!

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