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Is It Time to Change Out Your Winter Tires?

As we approach summer in BC, it may be time to swap out your winter tires for new ones. Tires can be quite overwhelming for Canadian drivers. In fact, it is required for BC drivers to have winter tires installed. When you switch them out, there are a lot of sizes, brands, and tread options to choose from. 

A tire change is only necessary when you use specialized winter or seasonal tires on your vehicle. There’s an exception to certain all-season tires. However, spring is the best time of year to swap them out.


Winter tires, often with a snowflake symbol, differ from summer or all-season tires in that they are designed specifically for harsh winter climates. They have deep treads compared to the latter to drive over deep snow. They’re constructed with special rubber that is resilient to low temperatures. 


Using winter tires outside of the winter season can quickly overheat the rubber and diminish the integrity of the tire, shortening its lifespan. Some winter tires also come with studs, and it’s especially important to remove these studs when there is no snow because they can harm both your tires and the road.


It is important that you maximize the life of your tires, which is why you should only use them as they are intended to. When you swap out your winter tires for the warmer months, please make sure you properly store your tires; they should be stored in a cool, dry, and dark place. You should never store them outdoors under any circumstances.

At Crompton’s Auto Care, we can take care of your winter tire change. We also help many drivers with their tire inspection, tire pressure checks, and wheel balancing. There’s no need to worry when you bring your vehicle to us. Please give us a call or visit today!

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