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How Maintenance Can Help You Avoid Winter Road Hazards

Winter in Aldergrove, BC gets rough, especially for those who are constantly on the road. Did you know that vehicle accidents increase by 4-5% between the months of December and January in Canada? With this in mind, we thought now was the perfect time to start taking care of your vehicle maintenance. Below are some of the road hazards you may face in the upcoming months:

Snow and Ice

What is a Canadian winter without some snow? We see it all from sleet, and snow, to sheets of black ice. You will have to prepare for the worst as temperatures dip below freezing. Make sure your tires can gain enough traction by checking their tire pressure, wear pattern, and tread depth. More importantly, do yourself a favor and swap them out for winter tires. Don’t forget to replace your windshield wipers either. Besides wipers, you may need to bring an ice scraper or snow brush. These items will keep you on the move during blizzard conditions.

Poor Visibility

Another significant hazard of winter driving is visibility. With snow falling and clouds looming, the sun may be on vacation for a while. To ensure you see on drives on those crisp mornings or post-work afternoons, make sure your headlights are working.

Dead Battery

A dying battery is one of the most common mechanical failures drivers face this time of year. The cold can accelerate your battery’s wear and tear. It is great to pack jumper cables for safe measures. But in the end, you may be better off replacing the car battery soon.

Road Salt

We feel like no one talks enough about the detrimental effects of road salt. While it can make a difference in de-icing icy roads, it can have damaging effects if left on your vehicle for too long. The salt can corrode your car paint and the undercarriage of your vehicle. To keep this from happening, be sure to maintain your car with washes. 

If you need assistance preparing your vehicle for the winter, please visit the experts at Crompton’s Auto Care in Aldergrove, BC. We are the top trusted professionals who can perform quality seasonal auto maintenance at great prices. 

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