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Everything You Need to Know About Timing Belts

If you want to be there for your vehicle and get it what it needs throughout its lifespan, you need to do some research and learning. The timing belt is one of those vehicle parts that will inevitably need replacing, and when it does, our skillful technicians at Crompton's Auto Care can help! Here's everything you need to know about your flexible timing belt.

What It Is

The timing belt is a rubber belt that keeps essential parts in the engine working harmoniously. Without the belt, the pistons and valves would strike each other. The results would be horrific and leave your vehicle in a standstill state. The timing belt and other related parts related to the engine work like a clock. Without the timing belt, like a gear in a clock, your engine would not function.

When to Replace It

With its evenly ribbed texture, the timing belt keeps the critical engine parts moving in sync. However, these rubber teeth can wear out over time. Vehicle manufacturers recognized this when they created your car, which is why they include helpful information regarding its replacement in the owner's manual. We highly recommend that you replace the timing belt before it wears out or snaps. If it does break, your engine will have tremendous problems that will necessitate extensive and costly repairs. In your owner's manual, you should see a recommended time frame to swap out the belt that will maximize the belt's entire lifespan without putting it at risk of complete failure. The number of miles indicated in the owner's manual varies depending on vehicle make, model, and year, so be sure to check!


Timing Belt Replacement in Aldergrove, BC

At your next service appointment, feel free to ask one of our expert techs to inspect your belt. We can tell you if it's a better idea to opt for a sooner replacement or if the belt has more life to give. If you need a timing belt replacement, you can trust us to do a 5-star job. We invite you to Crompton's Auto Care today.

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