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Can You Drive with the Engine Temperature Light On?

Dashboard warning lights come on for various reasons, and they seem like they always come on at the worst time. While some dashboard signals are more minor than others, you should never ignore or mistreat the engine temperature warning light.


The engine temperature warning light doesn’t seem as dire or serious as some of the symptoms your vehicle may show. Even if you don’t feel an emergency happening, continuing to drive your car can do more harm. This is because the engine temperature warning light means that your vehicle is overheating. When you continue to drive, excess heat will be let into the engine, causing extensive damage. Instead, please pull over as quickly as you can and call for roadside assistance. It is imperative that you get your car to Crompton’s Auto Care as soon as you notice the light on your dash. 


Engine overheating is one of the more serious matters that can happen to your car. Since the cooling system is in charge of keeping your vehicle at a stable temperature, you should always look there first when pinpointing the issue. In most cases, an overheating engine occurs when there is a lack of coolant fluid present. 

Common Reasons Why the Engine Temperature Warning Light Illuminates

  • Low coolant fluid/leak
  • Failing water pump
  • Faulty thermostat
  • Bad fan
  • Damaged radiator
  • Engine problems (head gaskets and cylinder heads)

Don’t fret as the team at Crompton’s Auto Care can perform a complete inspection to pinpoint the cause of engine overheating. The quicker you can get your vehicle to the repair shop, the more likely you’d be able to stop the damage from spreading or worsening. 


If your engine temperature warning light has recently come on, please bring your vehicle to Crompton’s Auto Care today. We are committed to getting you and your car back on the road safely and quickly.

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