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Benefits of a Brake Fluid Flush

Changing brake pads isn't the only maintenance task that drivers should do to extend the lifespan of their vehicle's braking system. Brake flushes are just as important as any other preventative services that our auto repair shop offers. All the used or contaminated brake fluid is rinsed out of the brake lines during a brake flush service. We then replace the lines with fresh, clean brake fluid so that you can maintain proper control of your vehicle. Here are three reasons why you should get a brake fluid flush in Aldergrove, BC!

Reason #1: Brake Fluid Breaks Down Over Time

After miles and miles, brake fluid will break down and get dirty. When this happens, the boiling point of the fluid decreases. While it may not sound concerning, it will cause a reduction in brake performance. 

Reason #2: Brake Fluid Attracts Moisture and Air

Many careless car owners face a common problem: air getting trapped inside the brake system. Trapped air in your brake pedal or lines will cause the pedal to feel spongy and sink to the ground. In severe cases, this can cause complete failure of brakes if ignored. Typically, bleeding the brakes will fix the issue, and a brake flush will further enhance their performance.

Reason #3: Extends the Life of Brake System

A brake flush gets rid of all of the bits of dirt, pollutants, and more collected in the fluid, making the system weak. Brake fluid should be clear and look like vegetable oil. Not only will a brake flush ensure you have clean fluid, but it will also ensure all your other brake parts last longer!


Brake Fluid Flush in Aldergrove, BC

Please don't let your brakes get in the way of your safe driving. Your brake fluid should be flushed every couple of years, depending on your driving habits. Our licensed techs are passionate about getting your vehicle the proper care it needs. If you require any auto services in Aldergrove, BC, please schedule an appointment with Crompton soon.

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