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6 Signs Your Transmission Is Going Out

Your car's transmission is a vital component that allows you to switch gears, accelerate smoothly, and control the car. A bad transmission can lead to serious issues on the road and expensive repairs. That's why we have put together a short list of signs pointing directly at your transmission. Make sure to visit a repair shop if you spot any of them, so the mechanics can take care of it.

1. Delayed or Erratic Shifting

If you notice a delay or hesitation when shifting gears, or if your car suddenly jerks, it could be a sign of underlying transmission problems. This is particularly noticeable when shifting from park to drive or reverse.

2. Strange Noises

Weird and unusual noises coming from your car are never a good thing. This also applies to your transmission - it can make a variety of strange noises, including grinding, buzzing, or whining. They can be heard from the center console - right where the transmission is mounted.

3. Leaking Fluid/Oil

Transmission fluid is essential for lubricating and cooling your transmission, allowing it to transfer power from your engine to the wheels. If you notice red fluid leaking from your car on the driveway, it could be a sign of a damaged or cracked transmission.

4. Slipping Gears

What does "slipping gears" mean? This is when your car suddenly goes out of gear while driving or fails to accelerate properly. Slipping is especially dangerous in corners because of the acceleration it causes.

5. Warning Lights

Cars are equipped with all sorts of lights and warning signs to inform the driver of problems. If you see a check engine light or transmission warning light on your dashboard, it's a dead giveaway that there is something wrong with the transmission. 

6. Smells Like Something Is Burning

A burning smell coming from your car's transmission (center console) can be a sign of serious trouble. This could be caused by overheating which starts to boil and evaporate the transmission oil - resulting in a burning smell. If ignored, it can cause long-term damage and even a fire.

Transmission Repairs And Maintenance At Crompton's Auto Care! 

If you are from the Aldergrove, BC area and need transmission repairs or services, our shop is ready to help out! The team at Crompton's Auto Care will make sure the problem is solved and won't happen again, so make sure to visit us!

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